tareas The methodology of the C3N project is organised in five tasks:


Tarea 1aTarea 1b
  • Task 1: Analysis of the interaction of meteo-oceanographic variables and natural systems.
    • Subtask 1.1. Selection and collection of meteo-oceanographic variables.
    • Subtask 1.2. Time-space variability of natural systems.
    • Subtask 1.3. Definition and selection of physical indicators.
  • Task 2:Modelling of potential natural ecosystems distribution (exposure and vulnerability).
    • Subtask 2.1. Present spatial distribution of natural ecosystems (exposure).
    • Subtask 2.2. Tolerance thresholds of natural ecosystems (vulnerability).
  • Task 3: Projection of meteo-oceanographic variables under climate change scenarios (hazards).
    • Subtask 3.1. Selection of Representative Concentration Pathways (RCPs).
    • Subtask 3.2. Statistics downscaling.
Task 4: Study of the impact of climate change over natural systems.
Task 5: Dissemination and transfer of the obtained results.